Type Freezer Factory Trawler.
Built 1994, rx Nikolayev /UkraineRebuilt 2007
Class RMRS KM(*)L2[1]UT2 fishing.
Tonnage GT  4407NT   1322
Dimension 103.70 x 96.40 x 16.00 m beam x 6.61 draught.
Main Engine 2 x 3000 kW Diesel MaK type 6M32S, site 520 rev/m. new from 2007.Heating units of Alfa Laval 2xHWL 20-35

Separation system for diesel oil 2 self-cleaning systems PA605

Separation system for heavy fuel oil IFO-180 1 self-cleaning system PA615

Separation system for bildge waters 1xRWO SKIT S DEB 2.5

Aux. Engine 2 x Diesel CAT3412DITA generator. All new from 2007.1 x Emergency engine 1xDiesel CATC9DITA JWAC new from 2007.
Shaft Generator 2×1600 kW
Deck Equipment 2 x Trawl winches MAI-E/600/3200-32/IS
Processing Plant For Pelagic fish.
Freezing Equipment Total Output of Quick Freezers – 110/24hrs
Fishhold Capacity 1200 tons
Fish Meal Output of fish meal, 7 tons/day.
RSW 200 tons.
Electronics. All modern.

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